02231-V0892 Save Earth with Hope
02231-V0892 Save Earth with Hope
No. 02231-V0892
Category / International Gathering
Event date / 2009.08.02, 2009.09.06
Place / (Europe)
Language / English, Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h34m12s
Publication No. / DVD-892
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  • Summary

On the topic of today’s global climatic crisis, Supreme Master Ching Hai points out, “Our action, no matter on purpose or not, always reflects the inner consciousness and the subconscious also. The subconscious is always visible to all beings and all the universe. So, if we do things not according to our status, then life will change. Situations will change to suit our new action, new choice.”

Therefore the Supreme Master reminds us that we must be vegan, be compassionate and show kindness to animals. Then, we will feel so good, healthy, more energetic, more love in our hearts, and have a clearer mind. We see animals and just feel so much love. Only by doing as such, we bespeak the dignity and the position of the Children of God, and thus are worthy to be a steward of this magnificent Earth.