02133-V0901 Without Hope or Fear
02133-V0901 Without Hope or Fear
No. 02133-V0901
Category / International Gathering
Event date / 2008.08.29 & 09.08
Place / (Europe)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h19m53s
Publication No. / DVD-901
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  • Summary

This Video/Audio contains three different gatherings between Supreme Master Ching Hai and Association members in 2008. Spiritual stories, jokes and practical advice given by the Supreme Master on how to spread the vegan message create a very relaxing and loving atmosphere for the gatherings. Stories told include a Sikh boy whose faith made him fearless in the face of death, and a past Sikh master who found the right spiritual path and gained enlightenment when he became humble. Another story is about three friends climbing a mountain, which illustrates how our mind can play tricks on us. She also gives practical tips on how to find time to do our most important job—meditation.