00185 Where Does Karma Come From
00185 Where Does Karma Come From
No. 00185
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 1987.03.06
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h39m00s
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  • Summary

The environment of this world makes us regress easily and become more stupid and worse. This is a world of form, color and discrimination; therefore, when we come to this world, we will become an outward being. Our mind is frequently distracted by things we like, so we forget our own great wisdom. Gradually, we are more and more separated from the great power in the universe, and become a lonely person. We become weaker and weaker with less and less wisdom and no sense of security, so the thoughts of greed, anger and ignorance are generated, which form a special magnetic field around us, attracting the like and repelling the different. Thus the so-called Karma is created.

We often hear that Bodhisattvas can bear people's karma, because they can shoulder others' karma on themselves and cleanse them with the power of spiritual practice. Therefore, since ancient times, anyone who seeks for liberation has to look for that kind of great Masters. Because when we just start to practice spiritually, it's very difficult for us to pay for so much karma; however, the great masters have very abundant merits accumulated from many lifetimes' practice. They have enough power, which perhaps can't be seen, but is infinitely great. You have heard that after initiation with Master, five generations will be liberated; this is also achieved with this power of spiritual practice. Therefore, we say that the spiritual power is the most precious; it cannot be bought no matter how much money is paid; nor can it be taken away no matter how great the authority is.

  1. What is the difference between the supra-worldly sound and the ordinary sound of this world? What important influence does music have on human beings?
  2. Does everything in the universe have its special vibration frequency? Why is it difficult for them to communicate with each other?
  3. Why are there often many places unsuitable for non-practitioners to live in? For great spiritual practitioners, are all places Pure Land?
  4. Why shouldn't we trouble Master when she is giving lectures? Master is not speaking with this physical body, then who is speaking?
  5. How are our habits formed? Why is Quan Yin Method the ultimate method to change our habits accumulated life after life?
  6. What is the true reciting of Buddha's names? Why is Quan Yin Method the highest method to recite Buddha's names?
  7. Which kind of sound can include all beings? Why can only humans have this sound completely?
  8. Why will we progress very quickly if we can focus on spiritual practice in this mundane world?
  9. Can ascetic way of practice make us a Buddha? Are all other methods except Quan Yin method just convenient methods?
  10. How do the scriptures of every religion record the sound that creates all beings? How is sectarian formed?
  11. Can karma be diminished through spiritual practice or disease?
  12. Does sutra-reciting have merit? What did Bodhidharma think about sutra-reciting?