00190 The Nature of the Three Worlds
00190 The Nature of the Three Worlds
No. 00190
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1987.03.11
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h31m28s
Publication No. / CE11
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  • Summary

When we enter the First World, we already feel incredibly happy. Each World has its own highest lord or god. When we meet the lord or god of this World (instead of his subordinates) we feel extremely blissful. And a thorough, radical change in our personality, thinking and way of life occurs. This change is unimaginable for us. Our power grows quickly, and our wisdom is instantly awakened. That’s why we think that we’ve reached the highest possible World.

Many teachers don't require their disciples to be vegan. However, if we eat meat or animal products we can only reach the Second World at most. But when we’re in the Second World and see the way of life there and the karmic relations, we turn vegan immediately, because at that time we understand all the karmic connections and know that eating even a little meat has terrible consequences or that punishment awaits us. So even if no one reminds us, we change all by ourselves.

After practicing the Quan Yin Method, you will not starve to death even if you have nothing to eat, nor will you freeze to death when you have no clothes. So practicing the Quan Yin Method is extremely safe both in the worldly aspect and in terms of liberation. As long as you don’t cause bad situations to occur on purpose, when you’re in urgent circumstances the Master's power will help you. As long as your time is not up, even if you fall down, or you’re almost dead, the Master won’t let you die. She will come to give you a hand. At that time, you will know who the Master truly is and how she helps you.

  1. The Astral World is the First World. What happens when we reach the Second World in our spiritual practice?
  2. Beings in the Second World are different from those in the First World. They're more benevolent, and they don't like to fight. However, they still tell lies. Why do they tell lies?
  3. If we believe in a religion but don't have an enlightened Master to transmit the Dharma to us, what's the highest Level we can reach and why?
  4. Why is it very difficult to reach the higher Worlds if we don't have a "guide"?
  5. Some people meet the god of the First World and think that they've already found the highest and ultimate goal in the universe. And then this god tells them to go back to Earth to spread the Dharma, to become a guru or to start a new religious sect. They think that they're prophets or messengers of God. Why do they think this way?
  6. Many people believe in the existence of a world of everlasting life. Where could such a world be?
  7. Which Level do we need to reach in our spiritual practice in order to understand all the karmic relationships of the past, present and future?
  8. If we want to leave the Samsaric world more quickly or become a Buddha more quickly so as to deliver ourselves, our relatives, and other sentient beings, how should we practice?
  9. During Master's spiritual practice, she once lived with someone who was possessed. What happened as a result?
  10. The law of karma is very precise, much like the situation in the world of Samsara. When we borrow a hundred dollars from someone, is it sufficient that we only pay him back the one hundred dollars?
  11. Why do we need to be careful when we give offerings in this world so as to avoid danger?
  12. If someone meets the lord of the Second World, returns to Earth, and tells others that this god is the ultimate God, the highest representative of the universe, is he lying or deceiving others on purpose?
  13. When we reach beyond the Third World, can we say that we've become a Buddha?
  14. Spiritual practitioners don't have to worry about food and clothing. If we believe in God, God will surely take care of us. If we believe in Buddha, Buddha will also take care of us. Please listen to Master discuss her own adventures in this regard.
  15. Can spiritual practitioners live without food?