00209 Practicing Asceticism Does Not Lead to Buddhahood
00209 Practicing Asceticism Does Not Lead to Buddhahood
No. 00209
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1987.04.15
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h34m49s
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  • Summary

Practicing asceticism can help one attain certain spiritual achievements, such as the abilities to see the past, present, and future, to cure people of their diseases, and to wield magical power, but it can never lead to eternal liberation. Shakyamuni Buddha attained great compassion through his practice. He even sacrificed his physical body and forsook his kingdom, courtly life, wives, and children, and yet failed to attain Bodhi (enlightenment) and liberation until he practiced the Quan Yin Method. Thus, practicing any other method is useless no matter how many hardships we endure, even to the extent of forsaking food and sleep.

The Quan Yin Method is the greatest Method, but a person without merits cannot learn it. Being able to gain initiation and practice the Quan Yin Method are great gifts that go beyond the universe, beyond the law of karma, and beyond the Three Worlds. Thus, being initiated is not equal to gaining magical power. Even if initiates fail to practice or cannot practice well, they are still better off practicing the Quan Yin Method than practicing asceticism because all other methods lie outside of the Tao. This is why they cannot attain the Tao.

  1. Do you wish to know about the ascetic methods practiced in India and Tibet? Why are some people willing to practice various ascetic methods?
  2. What is Samadhi? What levels does Samadhi encompass? How can one reach the highest level of Samadhi?
  3. Why do members of many religions fight, argue, and debate over their interpretations of scriptures?
  4. Some people sincerely pursue spiritual practice, but fail to find an enlightened Master and practice the Quan Yin Method. Why is this so?
  5. What does the expression "a sage often looks like a fool" mean? Why do the highest spiritual practitioners avoid actions such as curing people of illness and manifesting magical power?
  6. Why is being initiated into the Quan Yin Method the greatest experience in the universe? Why is the day of initiation the most important day in one's life?
  7. Why, after being initiated, do some people still have to reincarnate into the physical world for one or two lifetimes?
  8. Why is it that Shakyamuni Buddha practiced diligently life after life and still failed to become a Buddha? How did he finally attain Buddhahood?
  9. Why is it said that the human body is hard to attain and is the most precious gift? Why are angels and gods unable to meditate on the Inner Sound?
  10. When a person practices spiritually through great hardship, does it indicate that the person is deeply sincere?
  11. What does the term "negative soldiers" mean? How did Master subdue them? Please listen to Master present a story about negative soldiers.
  12. Why is it necessary to practice the Quan Yin Method in order to go to the Western Blissful World?