M036 An Ancient Love
M036 An Ancient Love
No. M036
Category / The Supreme Master's Poetry
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 53
Publication No. / CD-M036 DVD-801
Related Video/Audio/ Video-0801 An Ancient Love
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  • Summary

Verses from the past and memories of bygone years arise once again in a heart filled with love. Wistful sentiments and timeless nostalgia recalling tender moments of youth are awakened within each of us. Our affection from long ago still remains; our devotion borne of past affinity has not faded... Let us gently enter the poetic world of Supreme Master Ching Hai, to rediscover our true self through resplendent and passionate melodies, in this exquisite collection entitled “An Ancient Love.”

  1. Người Yêu Lý Tưởng / The Ideal Beloved
  2. Về Thu Hồ / To Thu Hồ
  3. Nhà Tôi / My Home
  4. Tình Xưa / An Ancient Love 
  5. Gởi Lê Uyên Phương / For Lê Uyên Phương 
  6. Thương Nhau Đi / Let Us Love
  7. Không Đâu Em / It Is Not So, My Love 
  8. Nói Với Bụt / A Word with the Buddha
  9. Và Một Ngày / And One Day
  10. 10a. Gởi Thái Hằng / For Thái Hằng
    10b. Cho Phạm Duy / To Phạm Duy
  11. Hạ Nhớ / Nostalgic Summer