00462 Is Immortality Possible?
00462  Is Immortality Possible?
No. 00462
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19881115
Place / Taichung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 104
Publication No. / video-17
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Our soul creates a body as a tool to experience the outer world, and then our body becomes old, useless, and breaks down, so we come back and create another body to learn other things. The body keeps changing life after life, until one day we create a most perfect, suitable and ideal body, and then we become immortal. The best way to become immortal is to become the body of Buddha which will never live or die. At that time, our body can truly live eternally.

If we hope to benefit the most people, we should adopt the most scientific way – the way of spiritual practice. However, there are many methods for spiritual practice. If we want to have the most benefits and the highest power, we should practice the highest method – the Guan Yin Method. Sutras in all religions have mentioned about the Guan Yin Method which opens our greatest inner power, the original creating power. When our inner omnipotent power is discovered, we can have thousands of billions of manifestations, eternal life and youthfulness, healing power, we can move mountains and empty oceans, and do all unimaginable things . We don’t have to ask for anything, because the inner omnipotent power will do things for us. It will know what we need. That is the benefit of the Guan Yin Method.

Sometimes, the person inside, the one who wears the physical body, has no control of the body. He can’t control this tool anymore. The physical body is the tool of the person inside. We can call this person inside soul, so it’s clearer to you. Sometimes our souls can’t control this tool anymore, because it’s broken, or it doesn’t listen to the soul. The body has been playing outside for too long and is under the influence of the outside world, then it stops listening. So the soul leaves, leaves the physical body. At that time, we die, or become deceased or depart from this world.