00465 Master’s Way of Giving – The Heart to Share
00465 Master’s Way of Giving – The Heart to Share
Category / Lecture Tours-Asia
Event date / 19881118
Place / Taipei,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 115
Publication No. / video-20
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  • Summary

Supreme Master Qing Hai talks about human origin in Agama Sutra, and stories about her experience of living in Germany in her early years, reminding us to have the spirit of sharing. Supreme Master points out: sharing food is not enough; we should share our spiritual food and let others know about our lifestyle. That’s why Shakyamuni Buddha said Dharma Dana (Dharma sharing) is the highest form of giving. Dharma means spiritual teachings, good methods, good lifestyles and noble ideals. Though we are not yet able to teach the Dharma, we can spread noble ideals, to let others have a hope or noble vision instead of aimlessly indulged in food and wine, entertainment and pleasure.

We all have the responsibility for spreading the Dharma! Every one of us is a Buddha. We become Buddha when we teach someone the Tao and help him to attain Buddhahood; when we do what Buddha did, and we become Buddha at that time and our actions are the same with Buddha's actions. Buddhahood is not attained by entering nirvana. Buddhahood is a kind of perception, understanding, wisdom and a higher ideal. If we want to become Buddha, we must change our life and act like a Buddha. At that time, we are Buddha.

It’s not enough to share food. Do you know what Shakyamuni Buddha said? “Sharing the Dharma is the highest form of charity.” What’s Dharma? It’s the teaching, the good method, good lifestyle, and the noble ideal. We can’t transmit the Dharma lineage, but we can spread the noble ideal, so that people have hope, a nobler ideal to look up to, instead of spending each day in ignorance. What is Buddha? It’s a concept, an understanding, wisdom and noble ideal. We don’t have to wait until going to Nirvana to have it. To become a Buddha, we should change our lifestyle quickly. If we do the same thing as Buddha does, then we are Buddha. We already have Buddha nature. If we do the same thing as Buddha does, if we are enlightened inside and behave like a Buddha outside, we are Buddha.