00466 The Relationship Between Material and Spiritual Life
00466 The Relationship Between Material and Spiritual Life
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 19881120
Place / Hsihu,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 63
Publication No. / CD-CG08
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Why should we wear elegant and dignified clothes?

How does it relate to our manner and family?

Why is each individual related to the whole universe?

How do we recover the almighty power inside to bless ourselves?

What’s the true coronation?

What should we do when we encounter obstacles in spiritual practice, or we have little experience, or feel that we are regressing?

In Her discourse,Master encouraged everyone that, “The inner Master misses us very much. She is more desperate than you are. She keeps waiting for her child to pass that phase, the border, then it’s easier to handle and help him. So when we see the inner Master, it means we are half way through. We will feel lighter. But we can’t give up at that time. We should work even harder.”