01251_V0328 Surrendering to God's Will Is Freedom
01251_V0328 Surrendering to God's Will Is Freedom
No. 01251_V0328
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.03.09
Place / (Singapore)
Language / English, Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h28m29s
Publication No. / video-328
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture:

Well, we thought after enlightenment we become free, we can do what we want and, very freely decide what we do in our life! Yes, we are free, very much free, because we don't take any more responsibility upon our shoulders. Everything is arranged by Providence. And we absolutely have no fear of doing whatever is arranged for us to do. In that way we are absolutely free. Then we know the will of Providence, we know the plan of the universe, and we can go along with it smoothly without any hindrance, without any hard feeling or protest in our heart.

Before that we also do the will of Providence, but we don't know it. Also, we protest a great deal, we make a lot of noise, and we delay our duty and action. Because we thought it would be better tomorrow, it would be better to do that instead of this. Because what we suppose to do this, we don't like it, we thought we do the other way, it would be better because it is more suitable to our habitual thinking or preconceived ideas. After a great deal of troubles and lessons, we will have to surrender at last, to the will of the Most High, call you Buddha nature, the Almighty, God, or in whatever name that you see fit to worship the Most High.

Sometimes we think we are the doer in this world and therefore we take all the whole burdens upon your shoulders. That's why we get exhausted, we get tired, and then we get nothing done, sometimes. If we get enlightenment, we know, if we use. we know how to use the greatest power which is already provided within us, from which we came, and also to which we will return, and in which we live our life. Then we will have less confusion, less and less each day, until no more confusion left in our heart, except to do the will of the Almighty. Jesus Christ also mentions that, "I do, yes; but not I, it's the Father in me who does it.