01380-V0399 We Cannot Have Peace, Until All Are At Peace
01380-V0399 We Cannot Have Peace, Until All Are At Peace
No. 01380-V0399
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.12.04
Place / (USA) Oregen
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h46m48s
Publication No. / video-399
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  • Summary

If we had some portion of the enlightened experiences, but we do not know
how to go further with it, or how to nourish it, or how to live with it, or  to integrate these enlightened wisdom into our daily productivity in order to serve the world. 
We must make our world into heaven, not to run to heaven because everywhere is heaven. God created only heaven.
Until we mess about with our computer brain, kaput one, I mean the damaged, or not very in order.
Enlightenment is the way to put ourselves in repairmen, back in order./
It's not a kind of far-fetched heavenly mythology the way we think, but it is a just daily experience of our great resource of love and wisdom which God has bestowed upon us before we arrive in this physical dimension. If we think that heaven is somewhere higher above the cloud then we are in trouble.
Because we have to wait at least sixty years or a hundred years in order to go there, well, suffering and all kind of miseries in this world, we don't have to do that.
 Life is meant to be joyful for the children of the most high.