01908-V0714 Dogs Are Wonderful Beings
01908-V0714 Dogs Are Wonderful Beings
No. 01908-V0714
Category / Group Meditation
Event date / 2001.06.06
Place / Florida Center, U.S.A.
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h43m54s
Publication No. / DVD-714
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  • Summary

Dogs are God's creation as well, perhaps souls with a higher understanding than that of what we can imagine. We should realize that having a pet is a privilege and they should not to be unappreciated. They offer to us humans more than what often some people can offer to each other.
These wonderful beings are willing to give us unconditional love at all times. They teach us not only how to treat all animals, but also how we as humans should treat one another.
Master also reminds us of the responsibilities that come along when choosing a pet, how they should be cared and looked after in the same manner as you would care for yourself.
The coexistence of humans and animals is the basic principle to attaining a harmonious world. To achieve this noble way of living, our animal friends set examples of unconditional love, unselfishness, loyalty, and compassion.