01658 Zen Humor
01658 Zen Humor
No. 01658
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Retreat
Event date / 19960324
Place / Phnom Penh,Cambodia
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 44
Publication No. / video-540
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Sometimes, because we can’t feel the ephemeral nature of the world, God sends us some disasters, and the so called surprise therapy to shock us, or stun us, so that we can have a deep feeling that this world is really not eternal. Sometimes the good thing comes with the bad thing, sometimes there is war, disaster or a sad situation, which are like the bitter medicine and help us know what our purpose is for coming here. If you want to know, then it will happen quickly. Otherwise, after a while, there will be no time. Then when our friends, relatives, or our beloved person dies, we are truly shocked. Then we will feel truly that such a thing is real and does happen, and maybe it will happen to us tomorrow, or the day after. At that time, we will feel like doing something, or hurrying to practice spiritually to know our inner self. So it’s not bad. Sometimes it’s not bad, but the price is high.