00868 Bible Stories~The Perfect Example of a Great Saint
00868 Bible Stories~The Perfect Example of a Great Saint
No. 00868
Category / Between Master and Disciples-story
Event date / 19901224
Place / Costa Rica
Language / English
Time (mins) / 22
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  • Summary

Jesus' death on the cross has many wonderful meanings andlessons for us. If we think about it, we could probably come to more conclusions and have more ideas.Jesus was young, very young. He could have had a beautiful lover. He could have enjoyed the world, at least after He became famous. So many people loved him, but when He had to go He just went. He was attached neither to fame nor to the love of the people of the world. So why should we be, when we don't have that much, when we’re older than He, not as good-looking as He, not as wise as He, not as much beloved as He and not as respected and sought after as He?He traveled all over the world for over ten years and learned a great many things. He had so much magical power that he could achieve anything He wanted, even turning water into wine. So, why should we labor all day long just for a little bit of fruit juice and not want to let go of this world?So Jesus had to set an example for us through his silent sacrifice. That’s why we remember Him. That is why until now people still shed tears for Him, including myself.