00860 God Is Everything
00860 God Is Everything
No. 00860
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 1990.12.16
Place / (Costa Rica)
Language / English
Translation / Spanish
Time (mins) / 1h36m31s
Publication No. / CD-ES141
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"...So in that case one more person practice, one more light to the world. So that's why we should find any opportunity to encourage people to follow the path of renunciation. We renounce our ego only; I never ask you to renounce your possession, your wife, your husband, your job and your beloved, how to say ... hobbies. We renounce the ego but we attain God. Attaining God, we also attaining everything we need. Sometimes people hear me saying that, and they think if after initiation they would get richer and more famous, or can call the beautiful neighbor girl. No! It doesn't mean our external life will change; it just mean that we will be contented. Just like the most wealthy, the most powerful, the most high king in this world. But the highest king, the greatest king in this world if he or she not enlightened, they are not contented..."