00999 Master's Discourse to Children
00999 Master's Discourse to Children
No. 00999
Category / Between Master and Disciples-story
Event date / 19910728+0804+0825+0901
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 68
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This MP3 collects Master’s 4 lectures for children. With her love for children,  Master always sets aside special time for children besides taking care of adult fellow initiates. She taks care of these future masters’  spiritual practice and virtues and  teaches them  to study hard, following parents’ or teachers’ instructions and help with household chores.

Even though we don’t possess   the special qualities of all beings or animals, we can own everything because of our wisdom and intelligence. Some people are smarter, while some are less intelligent. It may depend on how much one studies or their innate qualities. As far as a spiritual practitioner is concerned, he can still be intelligent even if he doesn’t go to school. It is not ordinary intelligence, but another kind we call wisdom. Wisdom cannot be obtained through school but through spiritual practice. After we practice, we understand everything very fast .

A five-year-old Indian kid was eager to become a noble spiritual practitioner, so he pleaded his grandmaster to give him initiation. After initiation, he saw stars and the moon but his grandmaster limited his visions there. Through this story, Master told young initiates that if children go into the depths of some high levels, their spirits will  change and thus cannot adapt to this world. We should not force Master to give initiation  if our  time hasn’t come yet. Everything  has its time and that is better for cultivation,  If it comes too fast or too easily, we cannot bear it; so we should  take our time.