00612 The Butterfly Collector
00612 The Butterfly Collector
No. 00612
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Retreat
Event date / 19890803
Place / Hsihu,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 102
Publication No. / CD-mp3-CR06
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If you are a story lover, you must not  miss the wonderful story of “Butterfly Collector”. Why does a woman who was locked up  all day long and lost her freedom appreciate a man who imprisoned her for a long time? Please listen to the story and learn how Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the ridiculous logic of mankind.

Some people are not very good to us and bind  us so tightly. If occasionally they treat us a little better and let us go for a retreat, then, we worship them when we return  home. We are likely  to be grateful to those  who are too strict and too fierce to us; if they are a little more generous to us occasionally, then we are very happy.

If someone is good to us unconditionally, we take it for granted and don’t cherish it. A living Master goes through endless hardships and sufferings to bears our  karma  and liberates us from the cycle of life and death, corrects our shortcomings and comforts our sufferings, saves us from the cause and effect network so that our five, six, seven or eight generations can also be uplifted, but we still doubt Her/Him. We human beings have become ignorant to such an extent and don’t know which is good and which is bad. No wonder we reincarnate life after life and no one can save us.