01987 Laughing Through Life
01987 Laughing Through Life
No. 01987
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Film Collection
Event date / 20060615
Language / English
Time (mins) / 101
Publication No. / CD-E772 DVD-772
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Pursuing spiritual practice under the guidance of a humorous Master of great enlightenment is the most precious experience of a lifetime. Supreme Master Ching Hai often entertains Her disciples with jokes and stories, immersing them in a relaxed and blissful atmosphere. She enjoys countless moments of spiritual ecstasy and joy with them. This CD also reveals how Supreme Master Ching Hai, while remaining anonymous, extends Her charitable actions to the needy with Her all encompassing love. She has risked Her life, braving heavy snow and wind, to render relief to underprivileged people, thus giving them the warmth and brightness of hope! Her meticulous kindness and consideration extends even to stray animals. From the bits and pieces of how Master takes care of the stray dogs in daily life, we witness the divine materialization of infinite love and mercy in this world!