01883B-V0715 Practice in Silence & Humility
01883B-V0715 Practice in Silence & Humility
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2000.05.15 & 16
Place / (Korea) Young Dong
Language / Aulacese(Vietnamese), English
Time (mins) / (Aulacese/Vietnamese) 29m19s, (English) 36m08s
Publication No. / DVD-715
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Part 1
01883B-a-V0715 Practice in Silence & Humility
Language: Aulacese(Vietnamese)
Part 2
01883B-e-V0715 Practice in Silence & Humility
Language: English
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  • Summary

In a joyous intimate meeting, the Supreme Master Ching Hai advised us that as spiritual practitioners we should be flexible under any circumstances without blaming others. If we practice in quietness with sincerity and humility, our spiritual path will be less affected by worldly upheaval. As genuine practitioners, we should not be over-reactive, noisy, and boastful, but just let things develop naturally. As sojourners in this world, we should not attach to material things for everything is transient. There is nothing to be fearful of losing; even Master’s physical body will have to leave. Master also mentioned that wherever we happen to be, we should bring with us harmony and tranquility.