00375 Questions and Answers between Master and Disciples
00375 Questions and Answers between Master and Disciples
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 19880611
Place / Taichung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 36
Publication No. / CD-MP3-CG01
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Supreme Master Ching Hai patiently answers all kinds of questions from the disciples’ hearts. Some disciples can’t stop feeling upset because their family is strongly against their spiritual practice. Master says: we spiritual practitioners should be brave! We can’t force others to stop obstructing us, or to have the same ideal as we do. We should understand them, explain to them with more love and patience, and deal with the matter slowly. We shouldn't use force, be mad or argue too much, but we should never give up our spiritual practice, either. We should be brave and try to overcome all sorts of obstructions in the course of spiritual practice.

Supreme Master cites the words of Jesus: ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you, not even till the end of the world', to illustrate the eternal and boundless love of Master. All worldly love has its limits, that is why we feel bored and unreliable, so we go and search for the greatest love. So when we see Master and hear about this Method, we immediately believe it and get initiated, and we offer our body, speech and mind to Master right away to let Master take care of everything. That’s all because we feel the boundless and unconditional loving power.


 (Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lectures do not contain the complete meditation instruction. Please do not try it alone or teach others.)