00371-2 Observing the Precepts is Necessary in Spiritual Cultivation
00371-2 Observing the Precepts is Necessary in Spiritual Cultivation
No. 00371-2
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 19880604(afternoon)
Place / Kaohsiung,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 54
Publication No. / CD-MP3-CG01
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  • Summary

It is not easy to make progress in our spiritual practice without keeping the precepts strictly.

How is our practice different from those that allow so-called freedom and do not demand people to keep precepts?

Some people have inner visions while working. Should they pay attention to the vision or concentrate on the work?

What is one-pointed concentration?

After practicing spiritually, what will happen if we offer guests cigarette, alcohol or meat.

If we hear someone talking in our meditation, should we listen to him/her?

What should we do if we have stray thoughts, or feel agitated, and cannot concentrate?

It’s said in the Universal Gate Sutra that when we recite the name of Quan Yin, the devils dare not look at us. What is the right way to recite the name of Quan Yin?

What’s the difference between dying in meditation and real death?

What’s the meaning of the statement “Walking, living, sitting and laying are all Zen?”

Why is it said that worries are Bodhi, and karmas are blessings?

Should we do any hand gestures during meditation? (Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lectures do not contain the complete meditation instruction. Please do not try it alone or teach others.)