00247 Story of the Fifth Zen Patriarch--Dhrtaka
00247 Story of the Fifth Zen Patriarch--Dhrtaka
Category / Between Master and Disciples-story
Event date / 19870716
Place / Taipei,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 63
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Do you know, before the birth of the Fifth Zen Patriarch—Dhrtaka, what special dream his father had? How did the Fifth Zen Patriarch meet the Fourth Zen Patriarch Upagupta and follow him and become a monk? How did he attain the lineage? The Fifth Zen Patriarch went to Central India to spread the Dharma after he attained the Great Dharma of Eye Treasury, and met Mikkaka who practiced the Tian Tao. What was the special affinity between them? How did he manifest with great magic power and lead all the disciples of Mikkaka to become monks? Please listen to Supreme Master Ching Hai’s interesting story of the Fifth Zen Patriarch.

Shakyamuni Buddha could be manifested in thousands of millions forms, and appear in any place where anyone prays. This is not magic power because it can’t be manifested or measured by ordinary mind; this comes from the positive and natural power beyond the Three Worlds. Whatever the sentient beings ask for, their wish will surely be fulfilled; this is a kind of great power, an egoless power. People see Master save people or go somewhere in a manifested body. This is not magic power, either. Master would not do something on purpose. Master has nothing, no level, nor magic power or wisdom; Master just eats, sleeps and meditates. Our mind should be empty like this so that we can receive the formless Dharma and understand the high-level magic power.

Guan Yin Method is transmitted from countlessly and boundlessly innumerable kalpas, and will be transmitted to countlessly and boundlessly innumerable kalpas in future. Wherever a suitable person is born, the Dharma will go there, because someone will go there and pass it to that person. The Dharma is important, not the religion. A religion without the Dharma is useless. Master stresses that do not ask about her master or her master’s master, but ask if Master has the power the pass the Dharma to us and if we are benefited from the transmission. When we learn from a Master, the important thing is if we have gained benefit and if the method is the right one.