01269-V0341 Be Both Practical and Spiritual
01269-V0341 Be Both Practical and Spiritual
No. 01269-V0341
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.03.27
Place / (USA) Honolulu, Hawaii
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h47m36s
Publication No. / video-341
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Holy actually should mean”whole”, to be “wholesome,”a “whole”being; them we must have everything. We should develop all sides, all the way round. Then we should , as well, take care of our business, be successful in life, but be wise and holy inside at the same time. Only then, I think, do we truly fulfill the purpose of a human being--that is, to know ourselves and to beautify the world that we are residing in, however short. Otherwise, if we just take care of the spiritual side, then we may be too out of touch with the world, and we may not care so much for the beauty of this wonderful planet which took billions, trillions of billions of years to come into existence. And it took trillions more years to become people and as beautiful as it is today. Despite all the damage that has been caused by wars, by natural catastrophes, our world is still very beautiful.