00193 Only True Belief Can Lead to Liberation
00193 Only True Belief Can Lead to Liberation
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1987.03.17
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Yilan
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h38m10s
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  • Summary

We should not be superstitious in spiritual practice, but should clearly understand why we practice this method. Many methods are claimed to be able to liberate people. How then can we distinguish the true from the false? All ancient religions and scriptures stress that people must find an enlightened master to know the way. How can we find a true master? Supreme Master Ching Hai analyzes all kinds of methods, explains the difference between the right way and the outer way, and points out the true path of liberation for spiritual aspirants.

Reading a person’s teachings will tell us what kind of power he represents. If he represents low-level, binding power, he will teach us to be good citizens and perform a lot of charitable work; he will find many reasons and situations for people to be bound here. If he represents good power, he will teach us to forsake this world, because this world is just a school which we should leave behind after we are well-trained. When we seek liberation, then we are truly communicating with the highest power, the Buddha power, the God power.

  1. What are the two kinds of universal laws? Why do ordinary people only know the low-level law of the universe but do not understand the high-level law?
  2. There are two kinds of power in the universe: punishment and forgiveness. How can we recognize the power of forgiveness?
  3. Why is it very difficult to attain the status of Buddha and Bodhisattva?
  4. How can we tell if a person represents the low-level or high-level power?
  5. What is the power of maya? How does the king of maya bind us within the three realms?
  6. Is samsara the world of maya?
  7. Can one attain the ultimate liberation by reciting the sutras and worshipping the Buddhas? How can we communicate with the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas?
  8. Where are the real Buddhas and Bodhisattvas? What is the inner path and what is the outer path?
  9. Will the absence of real experience in spiritual practice lead to spiritual decline? What kind of practice offers a respite but is not true practice?
  10. What is a true enlightened master? What kind of power should a true enlightened master have?
  11. Why do Buddhist sutras say that finding a living Buddha is the greatest blessing? How do Buddhas come down to this world to help sentient beings?
  12. What is a master? Why is Shakyamuni Buddha called the "master of heaven and earth"?
  13. What is really spreading the Dharma? Why does Master say that delivering teachings without understanding the sutras is breaking rather than spreading the Dharma?
  14. How do illness and pain arise? Why do some people still get sick after becoming vegan?
  15. Why are some people troubled by maya after worshipping at a temple? How can one take control of the situation when one is possessed by maya?