01263_V0337 It is You Who Blessed Yourself
01263_V0337 It is You Who Blessed Yourself
No. 01263_V0337
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.03.21
Place / (Australia) Brisbane
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h25m12s
Publication No. / video-337
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture:

Most of us use our intelligence at the brain level, the habitual level, the preconceived-ideas style of dealing. We don't use the direct response, the ultimate Wisdom, which controls all things in the universe and makes all dreams come true. It is not that I personally bless you, or any of the fellow practitioners.

It is you yourself that bless yourself when you have this, discovered this Blessing Power within yourself. Therefore we are here not to bless you, not to teach you, not to be your master, but to tell you that you can bless yourself, that you can teach yourself, that you can become the Supreme Master because we all have the Supreme Master within ourselves. The only reason we don't know it is because we are being cheated by the illusionary business of daily activities, by the false value of the material importance that we have been taught to believe. If we know how to take time and where to look for our Supreme Wisdom, we will find it and we find it immediately. And we can see our own nature, and we can see God face to face, just like you see me.

It is not difficult to find our own Wisdom; it is just difficult to believe it. Therefore if we see it, then we believe it. If we see Heaven inside, we believe it. If we see God inside, we believe it. And if we see Jesus inside, we will believe him even more. If see Buddha inside we will become a more devout Buddhist. Therefore I am not here to present a new religion or to tell you to become a Buddhist or a Christian, but to present to you what you already have and forgotten to use. What is it that makes Christ different from other prophets? What is it that makes him better than us or stand above humanity? It is this Supreme Power.