01256-V0332 Being One With God is Doing Without Doing
01256-V0332 Being One With God is Doing Without Doing
No. 01256-V0332
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.03.14
Place / (Australia) Melbourne
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h39m49s
Publication No. / video-332
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Q:  Thank You for this experience. You spoke of no longer being the doer. Master, please expand upon this.
M:  It's very difficult to explain to you, but this comes through experiences. It has two levels of understanding; first through meditation experience, and later through grace, just living in the presence of God.  And you don't even know that you have healed people thousands of miles apart. You don't even know that you bring goodness to those near you, but you do all these things and people know it. So it is to "do without doing. "
 The first stage, before I met you, I had the experience of being one with the whole universe, but this I cannot describe to you. You just know it in the state of meditation called samadhi. You can call it samadhi; you're just being in the state of " non-desire." You can call it nirvana, the Kingdom of God, or whatever you want. You'll be one with God. You just know it. In that state, you can only exclaim, I and my Father are one, [john 10:30] and all the beings in the universe are one, but you have no way to explain or to describe it. I regret to disappoint you, but I invite you to come to me and let me show you how to experience it yourself, because I cannot describe in the human language what I know.