M026 Farewell Song
M026 Farewell Song
Category / The Supreme Master's Music
Event date / 19981218
Place / Shrine Auditorium LA,CA,U.S.A.
Language / English
Time (mins) / 3
Publication No. / CD-M026 DVD-658
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Farewell Song
Where are you going, my winter sun?
Won't, won't you miss me
Stay'n on this side
Of the sea?... 
Where have you gone to, my tender moon?
How, how I miss you
Stand'n on this shore,
Water blue!
I wish we could sail
To the same destination.
I want to break these chains...
Oh!  My desperation!
When will I see you, my everything?
Won't someone hold you
When you wake up crying?
Where...where are you now, my only one?
Won't someone tell me                                     
If you will ever return?
Munchen ’78
For all the refugees in the world