Video-0711 The Hotel Called Life
Video-0711 The Hotel Called Life
No. 0711
Category / Lecture
Event date / 2001.06.23
Place / (USA) Fresno, CA
Language / English
Time (mins) / 55,56
Published date / 2002.05
Updated date / 2017.11
Tables / Aulacese,Bulgarian,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,Croatian,Czech,Dutch,English,Estonian,Finnish,French,German,Greek,Filipino,Hungarian,Hindi,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Nepali,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Slovene,Spanish,Swedish,Thai  | 
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture:

Many times we put things off until tomorrow, all the while knowing that this world is just a transient hotel, is even worse than the hotel where I stay. In the hotel where I stay, I pay some money and they leave me in peace. They even clean my room, change my towels, and give me soap and everything I need. But in this hotel that we call "life" we have to work and pay every day, and even if we pay we still have to suffer. We pay every day with our precious time, our precious energy, our precious knowledge, our precious short existence here on this planet, which we should use to recognize our great power, in order to tackle everything with ease and without effort. So if you ask me, I advise you to find another hotel. I know one! I know many hotels. In our Father's Home there are many mansions...

There's nothing in this world that we can compare to what we have up there. If we only know how glorious our true Home is, we want to die right away! Excuse me for the expression. That's what it is. Many of the people who visit the other world, Heaven, our true Home, would not like to come back here, for a second...