00402-2 Seven-Day Retreat of Old Monk
00402-2 Seven-Day Retreat of Old Monk
No. 00402-2
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Retreat
Event date / 19880812
Place / Yilan,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 67
Publication No. / CD-mp3-CR01
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  • Summary

Those who are able to come to this seven-day retreat are very much blessed. Great improvement can be made in seven days if you are willing to receive Master's training. If not, even seven years would be in vain. Master says that we should train ourselves, by turning into an ordinary person, disregarding any responsibility for one week and relaxing a little bit. There is actually nothing in this world! Just let God take care of the whole universe. The universe will remain the same when we are gone. The world was the same before we came. Nothing decrease or increase. Don't think that we are that important.

Sometimes when we are dealing with our neighbors, we can also realize something. That's because we have already realized the Tao. We are just continuing with more and more realizations and becoming more and more enlightened. Since we have already opened our wisdom, our wisdom will come out in any situation . Because we already have connections with electricity, so anytime we push the button, the light goes on. It's not because we have pushed, but because there has been electricity in it for a long time.

 Master tells a story about a Zen Master Shen Zan who gained enlightenment after leaving his original group and following a Zen Master named Bai Zhang, and who returned to his original temple to pay a debt of gratitude to his Master. Master uses a famous Zen verse from Zen Master Bai Zhang to teach disciples. The verse goes like this, "The Buddha’s light shines in alone by itself To see it, we should be away from six senses / The truth reveals itself / We should not depend on scriptures / Our Self nature is pure and clean / From our origin of fullness and perfectness / Once we are free from all karmas / we are the Buddha instantly". Master tells the disciples that the unenlightened Masters in this world can only repeatedly talk about and explain the inner experience of those great ancient practitioners, but they are not able to truly give the disciples the method and experiences that can liberate them from the three worlds. How frustrating it is!