00246 Story of the Fourth Zen Patriarch--Upagupta
00246 Story of the Fourth Zen Patriarch--Upagupta
No. 00246
Category / Between Master and Disciples-story
Event date / 19870715
Place / Taipei,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 59
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The fourth Zen patriarch Upagupta was born in the sudras, the lowest social class among four classes in India’s caste system, but during his childhood, he was handsome, bright and strong and had a tender personality and high wisdom. Which method did the third Zen patriarch Sanakavasa teach Upagupta when he was 12 years old to get rid of all the distracting thoughts? How did he pass the third Zen patriarch’s test and become a resident when he was 17 years old? Upagupta took Bhikshu precepts when he was 20 years old. The third Zen patriarch transmitted the Proper Dharma of Eye Treasury to him and asked him to keep the Dharma alive.

Do you want to know what interesting things happened when Upagupta went to Madola to spread the Dharma? Why did the Maya come to disrupt it? How did he see through the Maya’s trick and teach him a lesson? Why did the Maya first seek help from Sakra and Brahma, but at last humbly repent to Upagupta? Please listen to Supreme Master Qing Hai's narration of the interesting story about Maya being tamed by Upagupta and converted to the Three Treasures of Buddhism.