Video-0718 Love Is Always Good
Video-0718 Love Is Always Good
No. 0718
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 2001.06.07
Place / (USA) Florida Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 101
Published date / 2004.04
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  • Summary

Any time one of our spiritual people has a child, welcome him, help him, help her in any way you can, with no criticism, no black thinking, or it will be very bad for you, because you're going to encounter that kind of situation yourself very soon if you criticize that kind of person. Also that means your level is not high enough. You don't understand the spiritual implications of the circumstances. You think like worldly people: "Oh! She's bad. She's bad." "She has a son with no husband. Oh! She must be bad. " How bad can she be compared to a wife who has a husband? How bad? Does she do anything different? Maybe she loved that person, the guy. Maybe she was in love, just like a wife who was in love with the husband or is in love with the husband. What's the difference? And if that guy turns out to be a...then it's not her fault. It's not the fault of a woman to be so innocent, to be so pure and in love, to offer her body and mind and love to a person with all her sincerity. Do you understand what I mean? Even though she might not know what she's doing, it's all because of love. And if you laugh in the face of love, and laugh at the outcome of love, you're silly. You're degrading love. In any form, in any circumstance, love is love. Maybe it's only one-way love, but it's still love. So there's no way, under no circumstances, that we should laugh at anyone who looks like she fell because of love. Love is always noble and good...


Topics addressed

Master explains why local group meditation centers exist, and reminds fellow initiates to inwardly seek the Kingdom of God while living their lives rather than clinging to the idea of becoming a resident and thus being overly dependent on a center or ashram.
She also addresses the following questions. How are children created in the higher spiritual dimensions? How different is it in the physical world? How should we view marital relationships, and unmarried mothers and their children from the spiritual perspective?