Video-0705 Waking Up From The Dream
Video-0705 Waking Up From The Dream
No. 0705
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2000.05.17
Place / (Korea) Seoul Center
Translation / Korean
Language / English
Time (mins) / 107
Published date / 2003.09
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Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's Lecture:
Q: Is a human being's fate already fixed in this lifetime? Can it not be changed later?

A: Fixed karma, that's what it is. But the future you can change. By being initiated, by meditating, you change everything else. For example, in your fixed karma it is written that you have to have an accident at the age of thirty-five, and you have to die, or you have to cut your leg at thirty-five years of age. You can change that after initiation. You can meditate and change it because you can go into a higher realm, see where it is wrong, and fix it. And when you come back, you have an accident only in a dream. You wake up, and maybe your leg feels hurt, or maybe that day you feel like you don't have the leg, but then it's normal again. Yes. That's how we change, but not change. Because life is also a dream anyway, so the Master makes a big dream become a small dream, or a small dream become a big dream. The Master Power uses an illusionary dream to change your illusionary karma. Yes, it's possible! The Master Power can do anything but violate the law--change, but not change.

  1. Most Asian countries practice the custom of ancestor worship. How should Quan Yin Practitioners view this tradition?
  2. What is the vital key to seeing the Light in meditation?
  3. What is Master's opinion on human cloning?
  4. After the demise of the enlightened Master, will half-initiated children still be under her care and guidance?
  5. On this video/audio, Master states that she wrote many of her poems before embarking on the spiritual path and later recited them. Subsequently, the recitations were broadcasted on radio and received a warm response.