Video-0665A Pacifying the Mind
Video-0665A Pacifying the Mind
No. 665A
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1999.11.20
Place / (Turkey) Istanbul
Translation / Turkish
Language / English
Time (mins) / 89
Published date / 2002.05
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  • Summary

We can go to Heaven, come back, go to Heaven and come back again. But we don't go with the physical body. We go with the spirit. We can consciously leave this physical temple for a while, and go contact the spirits in a spiritual world with our same spirit like their spirit, and an angel will take us there if we know how. The reason the prophet told us to contemplate, to pray to God five times a day is that if you pray hard enough, long enough, many times, there's a chance that you might have a glimpse of Heaven, that you might be calm enough so as to contact the angels or the messenger of God, the invisible one, yes. And then they will take us to Heaven, they will show us the way, but we must calm the mind, we must forget the whole world while praying; that's the real prayer. That's what the prophet Mohammed did in the cave. He calmed his mind. He forgot everything: his possessions, his wife, his work, his success, his money, everything. He even forgot his body. And that's how he could elevate himself to the level of the angels in spirit. And that's how he could contact the angels in spirit, and that's how he could get messages from God, and we can do the same, we have to do the same.

Topics addressed
  1. We are all children of God, as is mentioned in every religious scripture. Why don't we realize this more clearly?
  2. How can we know that God really exists?
  3. How can we contact God?
  4. Why did God send Prophet Mohammed and other prophets?
  5. How can we concentrate completely in meditation?
  6. Is God a He or a She?
  7. Does our soul reincarnate into another body after we die?
  8. What is the purpose of the devil?
  9. In what form does God manifest Himself to us?
  10. What is the Quan Yin method of meditation?
  11. How can a person experience the real himself or herself?
  12. What does it mean in the Koran, "Be a good guest on this earth?"
  13. What is meditation?
  14. Are the people who are initiated by you, Master, protected against abduction by UFO's and everything?