02287-V0951 From Crisis to Peace:The Whole Universe is Blessing Us(1,2)
02287-V0951 From Crisis to Peace:The Whole Universe is Blessing Us(1,2)
Category / International Conferences on Climate Change
Event date / 2011.06.04
Place / (Mexico) Mexico City
Language / English
Time (mins) / (1) 1h27m00s, (2) 57m43s
Publication No. / DVD-951
Part 1
Part 2
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  • Summary

The 2011 Expo Ser, a leading international health forum, was held in Mexico. Supreme Master Ching Hai attended the event via video link as the honored guest speaker, sharing her wisdom on the world's most immediate and concerning issues, and discussing ways to attain world peace and safety. During the talk, the Supreme Master also lauded the Mexican government for its green endeavors while encouraging all in the world to adopt the organic vegan solution for halting climate change.

The Supreme Master reminded the gathering that we should be more conscious, more grateful and constantly aware of the blessings that the whole universe is showering upon us. “Not just asking the universe to help us, to bless us, but we also have to bless the environment, the world, and the universe also.” Just by being vegan, we are able to help mankind, our society, flora and fauna, and the Earth, and then save the planet for ourselves and our generations to come.