02238-2-V0884 Global Warming:Yes, There Is a Solution!(1,2)
02238-2-V0884 Global Warming:Yes, There Is a Solution!(1,2)
Category / Climate Change International Conferences
Event date / 2009.09.12
Place / (Peru) Lima
Language / English, Spanish
Time (mins) / (1) 1h19m11s, (2) 1h17m12s
Publication No. / DVD-884
Part 1
Part 2
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  • Summary

Peru owns 70% of the tropical glaciers of the world and is famous for its diverse geographical features. However, global warming is causing the glaciers to melt rapidly with huge impacts on the environment.

On Sep 12, 2009, the video conference, “Global Warming: Yes,There is a Solution!” held in Lima, Peru, government officials and celebrities were invited to share their concerns on this emergent crisis with the distinguished guest, Supreme Master Ching Hai. In order to reduce the consequences of global warming, we can neither wait for the government or media to take action, nor expect technology itself to solve the problem. Instead, we have to begin from ourselves. Since global warming is mainly due to animal agriculture, causing water and food shortage, desertification, and such, we can choose an organic vegan diet free of animal products. This solution is readily available to everyone immediately and is the key to human and planetary survival.