00109-1 Invisibility
00109-1 Invisibility
No. 00109-1
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Retreat
Event date / 1986.09.29
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 47m39s
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  • Summary

Would you like to know why invisibility exists? What kinds of invisibility are there? What is the high level invisibility? One can become invisible naturally after spiritual practice. What is the difference between this natural invisibility and the invisibility gained through deliberate practice? Please listen to Supreme Master Ching Hai's explanation of the principle of invisibility from a scientific perspective. The Supreme Master points out that the art of invisibility is related with our spiritual level; just like the manifested body, it comes naturally and relies on the highest power and the power of Buddha; the invisibility doesn't happen with your own control. When you are in trouble and you pray, then that power will arrange for you.

Another kind of invisibility is like this: if we are very peaceful, we will generate a gentle atmosphere; though we are here, others won't feel our presence, because we don't interfere with their atmosphere. Therefore, talking is not good because it will stir the whole atmosphere, and that power will react upon us and create a negative effect us. So the less talking, the better. Some people don't say a word and do nothing either, but still make others feel uncomfortable. That's because his atmosphere is too exited inside. Therefore, we should take good care of our own body, speech and mind.

  1. What is invisibility? Why can't others see the body when it's still there? What is the difference between invisibility in front of one person and that in front of a lot of people?
  2. What is selfless magic power? Which level is the real realm of magic powers?
  3. What is the difference between common small magic power and the selfless magic power? Why is it tiresome to use the common magic power?
  4. Does the manifested body have something to do with spiritual level? Why are only the truly simple and selfless people able to handle this power?
  5. According to the Diamond Sutra, "To deliver the sentient beings, but no sentient being is delivered." Jesus Christ also said, "It's not me but my Father in heaven who did all this." What does this mean?
  6. What bad influence does talking have on us? Why is the consequence of harming people with thought even graver than harming with action?
  7. What kind of spiritual level do hand seals belong to? Why is only Quan Yin Method the true method?
  8. Why does every enlightened master have different personalities? Is it based on his former habits or for conforming to sentient beings of different generations?