20170308 Caring for All Beings with an Attentive Heart
20170308 Caring for All Beings with an Attentive Heart
Category / 2017 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2017.03.08
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Kaohsiung
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 63
Updated date / 2017.04.21
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The Supreme Master Ching Hai recently adopted a stray dog and her puppies who were experiencing severe hardship, and did her best to care for them. The mother dog was full of love. Although she was extremely thin and suffering greatly, she still took good care of her puppies. The intelligent mother not only understood what Master said, but also looked into Master's eyes with gratitude and trust. The Supreme Master says that if we’re sincere and loving, animals will understand and trust us.

The Supreme Master also tells two heartwarming stories about the bond between animals and humans. The first involves the methods that a famous horse trainer used to tame wild horses and eventually gain their trust. The second is about a child who looked after a wounded wolf and the deeply touching way in which the wolf responded.

There’s not much difference between the DNA of humans and that of animals. The Supreme Master mentions that all sentient beings have the same souls; it’s just their outfits that are different. If we try to communicate with animals, we’ll find that they’re highly intelligent and have emotions just as we do. However, we don't pay enough attention to them and don’t take the time to communicate with them, so we think they’re different from us humans.

All beings are one and equal. Thus, humans should treat all of their fellow beings with love and respect.

  1. Why does Master say that disciples don't need to clap when she enters a hall? Master says she expects the disciples to “grow up” so that she doesn’t have to teach us the basic rules all the time. Moreover, as spiritual practitioners, we should set good examples of self-respect, punctuality, tidiness, and cleanliness, and practice diligently.
  2. Master shares stories about how she spent time with a stray dog and her puppies in order to remind us that if we communicate heart to heart and are loving toward animals, they will understand and feel our love.
  3. Many touching stories about humans’ interactions with animals show that animals are deeply spiritual. Master says that in the old days people could communicate with animals, whereas nowadays we're too busy struggling for survival. The more comfortable and advanced our lives are, the busier and less relaxed we become, so humans have ultimately lost these ancient communication skills.
  4. Humans have many more neurons in their brains than animals do. Also, our brains are more multi- functional and therefore superior. That’s why we think our species is the best. Although this is true, why does Master say that most animals are more kindhearted than humans? Master also explains why some animals behave fiercely.
  5. Master felt extremely comfortable staying at the Kaohsiung Center, and thanked the disciples for their kindness and good maintenance work. Master also congratulated the Koahsiung Center disciples on having such a pleasant, wonderful place for group meditation.
  6. Wherever she goes, Master pays for all her expenses and those of her staff. Thus, she expects all disciples to be fair, honest, upright and hard-working while serving their country and society. Learn how an Enlightened Master sets a good example of virtuous, noble living.