00191 Beings Delivered Not by Buddha, But Should Deliver Themselves
00191 Beings Delivered Not by Buddha, But Should Deliver Themselves
No. 00191
Category / Group Meditation
Event date / 1987.03.15
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h46m44s
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  • Summary

Do you know why Shakyamuni Buddha, after attaining the Buddhahood, wanted to enter Nirvana instead of delivering sentient beings? We have heard that we will act selflessly without ego once we attain Buddhahood or the highest spiritual level. What kind of state is that? Why does Supreme Master Ching Hai say that delivering sentient beings is still within the realm of human emotions, and that there are no sentient beings to be delivered but, rather, beings should deliver themselves?

We have to borrow many things from the world in order to survive; so what do we have that can deliver sentient beings? For this, we need to find the timeless and inexhaustible treasure that we had before we were born and will still have after we die. If we use this to deliver beings, then we will not be indebted to anyone and will be at ease when we leave the world.

  1. Why is it that the more we communicate with Buddha’s light, the more free, intelligent and compassionate we will be?
  2. Why is that only Buddha’s light can “dye” us and make us simple, while the heart of an ordinary person cannot?
  3. Why is the Quan Yin Method the ultimate path, while others are merely transient methods?
  4. How can we attain true samadhi and true wisdom?
  5. Is compassion also a kind of human emotion? How can we not be bound by compassion and this world?
  6. This is what the world looks like, with birth, old age, sickness, death and suffering. How do they affect spiritual practice?
  7. Does constantly thinking of suffering beings create a pitfall in spiritual practice?
  8. Master teaches the five precepts and ethical conduct, but why does she say that these are not of the utmost importance?
  9. In the course of spiritual practice, when can we say that we want or not want to deliver sentient beings?
  10. Why do a majority of people want to deliver sentient beings?
  11. Who do enlightened people say that there are no sentient beings to be delivered but that the beings should deliver themselves?
  12. What does "vowing to learn the countless Dharma Doors” truly mean? What is the Supreme Tao or Supreme Way?
  13. Everything is created by the mind; pure mind begets pure land. What does this mean? How can we deliver our own heart?
  14. Why does the flower bloom to reveal Buddha and our true nature during the initiation? What is “no birth”?
  15. Since ancient times, masters who have practiced well have taught us not to chant or speak about the sutras. Why? Under what condition does an enlightened master deliver teachings?