M011 Traces Of Previous Lives 2
M011 Traces Of Previous Lives 2
No. M011
Category / The Supreme Master's Poetry
Event date / 19960223
Place / Hsihu,Formosa
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 56
Publication No. / CD-CM011 DVD-532
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  • Summary

" Traces of Previous Lives " is a creative work of art which meticulously captures every enchanting detail of The Supreme Master Ching Hai's entire life, and She personally recites the magnificent poems.
  These precious poems were written by The Supreme Master Ching Hai before She renounced worldly life and began her searching for the Truth. They express her inner most deep feelings as She witnessed the suffering, the hunger, the persevere as well as the deep sorrow of sentient beings in this world of misery. Being a lay person once Herself with sorrow and anxiety not different from ours, the Supreme Master Ching Hai gave up all to search for God and attained the highest Truth.She reminds us that any human being can find God in their search for eternal liberation. These poems were published in many overseas newspapers-- The Independent, Spiritual and Bridge, to mention a few.

1.Phố Cũ Tình Xưa  Old Town ,  Past Love

 2.Chiều Ðông Và Tượng Ðá  Winter afternoon and Stone Statue

 3.Tình Ca 1  Love Song 1

 4.Từ Nỗi Buồn Vong Quốc.  On Sadness Over the Loss of One’s Country

 5.Chấp Nhận   Acceptance

6.Xuân Này Nhớ Xuân Xưa   Memories of Past Springs

 7.Ý Nghĩ Trong Một Ngày Thường   Thoughts on An Ordinary Day

 8.Vẫn Dài Lâu   Still Forever

 9.Buổi Không Ngờ   An Unexpected Day

10.Tình Lẻ  A Passing Passion

 11.Người Yêu Truyền Kiếp   Eternal Beloved