Video-0452 The Hardworking and Benevolent Prince
Video-0452 The Hardworking and Benevolent Prince
No. 0452
Event date / 1994.10.23 ~ 1994.10.25
Place / (Taiwan/Formosa) Hsihu
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 45,0,31
Published date / 2018.02
Tables / Arabic,Aulacese,Bulgarian,Chinese-S,Chinese-T,English,French,German,Hebrew,Hindi,Hungarian,Indonesian,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Malay,Mongolian,Persian,Polish,Portuguese,Punjabi,Romanian,Russian,Spanish,Thai  | 
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※ 第2集暫不開放下載。 part 2 is currently unavailable for downloading. Video Part2 này hiện chưa có sẵn để tải về. هذا الفيديو غير متاح حاليا للتنزيل. (part2) 이 비디오는 현재 다운로드할 수 없습니다. ※

Whatever work we do, put our heart into it. Be responsible like the Prince of Cambodia. He is the Prime Minister now. He is also like the King of the country. He is really responsible. His wife is also like that, trying her best to help the people, serve the country. In this way, it is also a way of spiritual practice. Besides finding our wisdom inside, we have to fulfill our responsibilities clearly outside. Because if we do our work well, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will be touched also. If this Prince, also the Prime Minister, was not doing good, I would not have been touched, I would not have stayed there that long.