M031 Shade of Time
M031 Shade of Time
No. M031
Category / The Supreme Master's Music
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 47
Publication No. / CD-M031 DVD-765
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 With Her sweet, rich voice Master evokes Her feelings of love while living in the world, Her inner struggles during Her quest for the Truth, Her heartrending vow of renunciation and the divine grandeur of God's manifestation to Her. Master's singing is sometimes low and resonant, sometimes vibrant and spirited, and the profound sincerity of Her soul-stirring melodies instantly erases all secular thoughts in listeners, raising them to an ethereal realm.

1.Mơ chiều      Evening dream 

2.Khi yêu        When we're in love     

3.Áo chàng     Your pullover      

4.Phố cũ tình xưa     Old town,past love      

5.Người yêu chưa ngỏ      Silent Love          

6.Có những lần thất vọng       There were disappointing times  

7.Khuất nẻo thời gian          Shade of Time     

8.Có một người           There is               

9.Bốn mùa thương        Four seasons of love   

10.Người tôi yêu            The One I Love   

11.Khi từ chùa ở Paris về      Returning from a Temple in Paris