M009 MTV-Songs & Compositions of The Supreme Master Ching Hai
M009 MTV-Songs & Compositions of The Supreme Master Ching Hai
Category / The Supreme Master's Music
Event date / 19931100
Language / Chinese+English+Aulacese
Time (mins) / 61
Publication No. / CD-MTV DVD-389
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Language: English, Aulacese, Chinese 


This collection of songs, composed entirely by Supreme Master Ching Hai, reflects Her exquisite artistic style and unique ability to express extraordinary meanings. With Her heavenly inspiration and devout sincerity, She has written each word and note so that the audience can physically and spiritually sense the rich and wonderful vibrations of each song.

The Supreme Master wrote the lyrics and composed the music for these songs, seven of which are in English, three in Aulacese, and two in Chinese. Regarding such pieces, She has said: Outside, there are very few spiritual songs, so we create these songs especially for spiritual practitioners.

1.The Ocean of Love

2.The Supreme Master

3.I Will Forever Love You

4.Love Me



7.My Love

8.My Love

9.The Supreme Master

10.My Love

11.Remember Me When the Rain Falls

12.The Supreme Master