Video-0292 Master Has Always Been with You
Video-0292 Master Has Always Been with You
No. 0292
Category / Master and Disciple
Event date / 1992.12.22
Place / (Taiwan/Formosa) Pingtung
Language / English
Time (mins) / 39,41,42
Published date / 2018.10
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Actually,it is already arranged. And the burden comes when we think we make a choice. The burden comes when we think we are the doer. The karma comes when we cannot rely on the whole universal great plan. We take the burden upon ourselves, Emerson. The American teacher said,“A great burden falls from our shoulders when we let God run the universe.” Ah,that’s fantastic. One sentence is enough. That’s why I tell you to just relax, let live, let go, and then you will know what’s right, what’s wrong. Then you are one with the universe, the universal great plan.

And understand that we only want to know our Supreme Self. Because we never die, we never have any problem, we are always wise and happy. Everything you have inside. Just that I have to confirm it to you, and bring your goodness out, bring your intelligence out. If you sing the praise for me, Master Ching Hai, I’ll sing with you, because it’s not me. Master Ching Hai is also my Master. Because the Supreme Master Ching Hai is the Supreme Master. I have been with every being, whether they are initiated or not. Anytime!

People pray because they need to pray. And if you feel you don’t need to pray, because you are convinced absolutely that Master knows everything and is always everywhere, then you don’t pray. Everyone is different, there’s no fixed rule. Go on with your experience, your inner search, and leave all the names outside. We want to look for the Supreme Self. What you see is only symbolic of the Master. What we call thousands of transformation bodies. one and everything. One and thousand, thousand and one. Put everything down. Let the Master take care.