Video-1162 Eating Fruit and Vegetables for Optimum Health
Video-1162 Eating Fruit and Vegetables for Optimum Health
No. 1162
Category / 2018 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2018.08.23
Language / English
Time (mins) / 24,26
Published date / 2019.04
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Hey,you guys should not eat too many sweets, OK? Eat fruit instead. Eat sometimes OK, but… a bite or two maybe OK, now and then. But it’s sweet, you know already that they destroy vitamins in your body, yeah? And also, no good for the brain. Not because it’s freely available that you should indulge in it. If the brain doesn’t function well, then you don’t work well, OK? So, when I know that I can not work, that was just a few days, I had to stop and rest. I was really, really worried. I was really worried, because if I cannot continue working, then what to do? You see what I’m saying?

You have to go away from it to sleep. You can’t sleep in your office all the time. Anytime at all is no good for you, because the cells absorb all this environment, the hectic-ness or the anxiety or the work, or, whatever that you do, even without you knowing it, and the brain also, and then it will be overloaded. The body is like a car; you can’t drive forever; need to rest, no? No matter how good the driver is, the car needs to rest. The same with my body, also. Even if I’m a good driver, my body makes trouble.