Video-1187 Remember the Master with Absolute Faith and Devotion
Video-1187 Remember the Master with Absolute Faith and Devotion
No. 1187
Category / 2018 New Videos Watch Online
Event date / 2019.02.05
Place / (Taiwan/Formosa) Hsihu
Language / English
Time (mins) / 27,31
Published date / 2019.03
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I had a message from Heaven, and I checked it out, from the Original Heavens. I checked it out. I was also curious myself, which group has more enlightened disciples. Guess which group? Yeah, it’s our group. Yeah, I was surprised too, because in many other countries, they have different group that also practice Light and Sound, Inner Heavenly Light and Sound, and they’re older than our group. I’m new in the market. But our group surpassed all of them in numbers of Fifth Level Saints. One thound something. About 1,200 something.

One Master said to the Muslim, “If your Master is God, your Master is number one. If you know your Master is really a real Master, then even if He tells you to dip your prayer mat in the wine, you’ll do it.” For the Muslim, the prayer mat is very holy, sacred, personal. And wine is a no-no. This is the advice for absolute faith and devotion. Only if we have that absolute faith and devotion, then we can really understand the Master and we’ll reach higher levels, return to our glorious, great Original Self.