Video-0101D Learning to be Buddha One Will Become a Buddha
Video-0101D Learning to be Buddha One Will Become a Buddha
No. 101D
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1989.10.21
Place / (U.S.A.) Santa Ana, CA
Language / Aulacese
Time (mins) / 27,30,39,36
Published date / 2018.05
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  • Summary

We have to deliver ourselves. That fixed karma is hard to change. What is fixed karma? It’s the karmic retribution. To be free from suffering, we have to keep the precepts. Buddha cannot save us. He only shows us the way. Buddha followed the precepts, the way, the law. The Buddha’s precepts are to protect us, so that our life is peaceful. We need to change ourselves, use our spiritual power, our merit to change ourselves. Humans should always move forward, becoming more virtuous and beautiful. Only charity is, only by the power that we naturally acquire through spiritual practice could we solve many problems satisfactorily.

Questions and Answers:

Buddha told us not to kill. The first precept. If we didn’t want to discipline ourselves a little now, we would suffer more life after life. There is no God, no Buddha who brought these calamities upon us. These disasters are caused by human beings themselves. Because we didn’t follow the teachings of the religious founder who taught us to practice spiritually. If you practice the Quan Yin Method, then you can hear the sounds of Buddha. All the Buddha in the ten directions are one. It is “heart-to-heart transmission,” the so-called initiation. After being initiated, we can hear those sounds. We can see the Buddha realm or the light of the Buddha. We will know what is our Buddha Nature. We will be in contact with our Real Self.

When the Buddha was alive, not every one belived that He was Buddha. Only the Buddhas can understand a Buddha. But whether gradual or immediate enlightenment, both need to rely on the precepts. Loving others is like loving ourselves; hating others is like giving them fertilizer. It is best that you search for the Buddha inside your heart. Because this is a temple. The Guan Yin Method teaches you how to care for the soul;clears your mind;come and go as you want, clearly and openly. So you practice spiritually because you want to regain your gentlemanly manner, not letting the devils do whatever they want. My job is to take care of the dead. Take you to a beautiful world.

The “Great Self” is our Buddaha Nature. Magical power is very ephemeral. Wisdom is wakeful life after life. The vegan diet will benefit yourself and the whole world. we should grant fearlessness to sentient beings. Why do we keep reincarnating? After death, we dom’t have a clear conscience and it does not forgive us. Because if the Master is high-level,He will come whenever you pray to Him. If you’re sincere, you can attain sainthood. You must know you are not an ordinary human. Experience that realm,only then can they be free of suffering, and understand what buddhism is.Therefore, when we practice spiritually, we help Heaven and Buddhas, we repay Their kindness,then sentient beings will be saved by themselves.