Video-0419A To Realize God We Have to Go Beyond Religion
Video-0419A To Realize God We Have to Go Beyond Religion
No. 419A
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 1994.04.16
Place / (Korea) Seoul
Translation / Korean
Language / English
Time (mins) / 31,31,26
Published date / 2018.08
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Now Jesus said, there is one God, creating Almighty. And He also said there is a God inside you. So this one and this one, one, similar. Right, so if the Buddha said, there is a Buddha nature within you who knows everything, who can do everything, who is liberated, who is never dying, never young, never old, never sick, then he talked about the same thing. Kingdom of God in you, spirit of God in you, or the Buddha nature in you, both are the same quality: almighty, no dying, knowing everything, everywhere, doing anything and absolutely, absolutely absolute.

Listen between Supreme Master Ching Hai and three former Korean leaders entitled. “How the government teaches people to become strong, not only physically but spiritually. How the government as an example of the whole nation leads in spiritual awareness, then the whole nation will elevate, and then nothing can happen to such an elevated country. You know what I mean? Even if there is a tension or a tendency to be, it will change. So every religion asks us to believe and to be good, to be virtuous.”

No, no Buddhists have forced any Christian to become a Buddhist. Just accept each other. Accept. Yeah, that’s enough. All religions come from God. So, anybody just has to respect everybody else religion. Because people understand religion differently. You see, according to their level, they understand Buddhist. Even their own religion, they understand differently than the next person. Like Buddhist monk, sometimes he says he’s a Buddha. He means he realizes the Buddhahood and he’s one with Buddha. But only if he realizes the Buddha inside. If only he realizes God inside. Then he speaks the truth.