Video-S4 The Supreme Grace of God Revealed
Video-S4 The Supreme Grace of God Revealed
No. S4
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2005.02.25
Place / Hungary Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 33,35,31,30,30
Published date / 2019.07
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It’s just the time, also this period of time, that the planet must join the other planets, higher planets in the galaxy. So, grace and blessing are helping a lot. So the thing I give you is extremely powerful. Nobody has been able to use it, nobody has ever been able to know it! It’s in my treasure, and locked. Nobody’s ever been able to open or to even know it’s there. So when you recite the phrase the whole universe benefits! The whole universe!

And all the created ones will eventually, with grace, come back to the Fifth Level. That’s the highest one. And in the Ninth Level, there are Councils. There are fifty Councils. They are helping God to govern the universe. Sometimes the planet is so difficult, God comes down Hirmself. The one I teach you, 24hours, together with the Five (Holy) Names. It’s just extra. It’s not the word, but I use the words so that I can connect the Power to you. Master, I would like to know if this Gift beyond the Fifth Level? From the Seventh Level.

You go to the Fifth Level, you are free forever. You enjoy limitless freedom and bliss. You will never think of anything, of going back or anything. In the universe, just like everything else, whatever is lighter and finer stays on top. And everything heavier stays down there. So, imagine you go to the Fifth Level, at the time you see the Lord the Fifth Level, you will have no more desire for anything else! Hes is so glorious and so brilliant and so benevolent, so loving, so kind, so compassionate, so beautiful, so magnificent.

Yeah, should be really grateful. Be grateful and be happy and then you’ll get more. And how many times you can see me? How many millions, billion years, that you could even see me once? One guy has been searching for me 800 years long. There are many people like that. Many lovers, they search for each other for sometimes... the longest would be, like, 1,000 years. Since the time of creation on this planet. But the ting is, the thing is you don’t know how to stay together. But the people don’t know how! If they really love that person so much, they have to practice spiritually. The same level will go to the same place. Otherwise, no!

Enjoy what you are. Enjoy what you have. It’s very beautiful what you are, whatever you are is beautiful. We are spiritual practitioners! We are not here for fame and name or profit even anymore. Even spiritual profit, it’s just the grace of God! The greater your position, the more responsibility. Don’t just to look at the glory side, look at the other side as well. Just practice meditation. At least you know I’ll take you to the Fifth Level, for sure. If not now, then slowly. I mean, at least I am capable of taking you there.