Video-1180 The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Feeling Skandhas (Continued)
Video-1180 The Surangama Sutra: The Demonic States of the Feeling Skandhas (Continued)
No. 1180
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2018.12.27
Place / Taiwan (Formosa)
Language / English
Time (mins) / 43,37,39,36,38,33,30
Published date / 2019.07
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But the person who reached this state of extreme self-satisfaction, he thinks he is above everything. But this is just one state, which is called “viewing oneself as supreme, but lacking wisdom to save oneself” even. You can’t even save yourself, not to talk about going out and saving other souls. This is terrible. Then you’re falling. If he knows it, then it’s OK. But if he doesn’t know, then he will fall. The demons and all that will come. “Those who have deep faith in him will follow him to destroy the images or bury them. He will mislead living beings, so that they fall into the Relentless Hells.”

If we are not satisfied with that, then we go further; but if we think we are great already, then we stop. That is the problem. It’s a pity. “For the most part, such cultivators will become like the Unlearned Bhiksu,” monk, unlearned monk. “He will mislead living beings, so that they will fall into the Avichi Hell.” Oh, this is worse. “Lacking proper samadhi, he will certainly fall.” My God! Maya is so cruel. That is the problem. If you really want to become a Buddha, he will be so harsh on you. That is the thing. That’s why.

“This state is called 'when an agreeable state of Samadhi enters one’s mind, lacking the wisdom to control oneself and mistakenly engaging in lustful behavior.'” You are already so high here, see all the skandhas dissolve, everything is illusion, knowing this is nothing, and still fall into this emptiness and desire stuff, and doing wrong things, and leading hundreds of thousands or millions into wrong things. And slander the virtuous and moral people. That is the worst thing that you could do. That will earn you hell for a long time. I wish, I hope the Buddha will be merciful and save those people who are misled, at least.

Doubts and doubts are different. You are doubting whether or not I teach you the right thing or not, whether or not you follow the right person, because you sincerely want to really find the Master, find the Way to be liberated. That is different. The spiritual doubt is always welcome, it’s very healthy. It is your birthright, and you must doubt. You must doubt until you really, completely prove it, that what you are doing, the path you are following is correct for you, because you have only this chance.

If not for God’s grace or the Buddha’s mercy, how can anybody ever make it? Look at that, so much meditation, one stage after another, and still in the Maya trap. And could even go to hell for that. Who can even support this system? But the way the world people behave, they are supporting it. They support alcoholism; they support torturing the animals. They support all the bad things. That means they support Maya. Because Maya’s making all this to seduce people, to entrap beings into the vicious circle of life and death, and punishment, torture, or hell, all that.

I mean, not just this lousy world, like the Maya made, was all you got. Zillion times more glorious, and comfortable and you lack nothing, and you desire nothing; you just feel happy. And then from there, you can even bless the world because you’re more powerful. Not just we enjoy, but we can bless the world. And we can come back here if we want. But full of equipment inside, to protect yourself, not to fall again, and to help whoever you think you owe a debt last life, or who helped you sincerely.

That’s why Maya tried to even disrupt me in one of those first days of my first retreat ever since, in Taiwan (Formosa). Suddenly the Supreme Master TV was just blocked out and just noise, just “hooong” like that. Because he does it so discretely, I asked Heaven, “What is that? Who dares to do that?” He said, “Maya.” I said, “Why does he do that?” And They said, “Because You and the Supreme Master TV form the ring of protection everywhere. He tried to scare You out of it.”