Video-S5 The Story of Creation
Video-S5 The Story of Creation
No. S5
Category / Between Master and Disciples
Event date / 2005.02.26
Place / Hungary Center
Language / English
Time (mins) / 34,35,31,34
Published date / 2019.08
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So most people who worship God, that is Brahma, the Third World. Nevertheless, he is great! When you get to the Third World, you are free already. Because that is the origin of all these gross levels. The origin of all, the most from God. So he creates, creates. He creates only up to the Astral Level. Astral! Because from the Brahma to the Astral, it is still fine. You don’t have this physical body. And then the Astral wants to create the physical! You know that, huh? Because he is also itchy, itchy there: “I have the power! I have the power!”

Nothing that’s opposite or different can stay long together. Cannot bear the energy up there! Nobody will be able to pass through the border and stay alive, I mean, stay individual. You will burst into nothingness again. Your soul will be disintegrated, be gone, become dust, the moment you pass the border of the Sixth Level only. But you are lucky! You got the Gift from the Seventh Level! Who would have that? So in a way, even you could not get there, but you got the Gift - you are connected!

At this time, even people who don’t practice Quan Yin Method, they all go to the Third Level or Fourth Level even, accordingly. I told you already, no? Even the sinners, the ones who don’t even practice, and are very bad, also. Not too bad, but bad, and then, even then, they can go to the Third Level already, because they have been cleansed. Through disaster or war or tragedy, they have been cleansed. So, I can take them up. They have been cleansed, but if nobody takes them up, then they’ll just stay there.

You will feel absolutely blissful, I promise! Even now, sometimes you sit in meditation, you have just a moment’s glimpse of the World that you have attained, even Third World, you feel, “Oh, so good!” You don’t want to get out of it already. Not to talk about the Fifth Level: Your soul is enjoying immensely, vastly, hugely, never even thinking of any other God beyond that. You’ll feel complete. You’ll feel like you are God! You will feel that way. And that is what it means by being “one with God.”